Round Brute® Tops & Dollies for 32, 44, 55 US Gallon Containers.  Lids come either Flat or Domed 
•	 Extra strong polyethylene construction withstands
bumps and kicks; will not rust, chip or peel
•	 Nest for easy storage and cleans easily
due to seamless construction
•	 Built-in handles, double ribbed base and
molded base grip for two-handed lifting
•	 Choice of snap-on flat lid or dome top
•	 Dome top turns container into a rugged outdoor receptacle
•	 Door swings shut to keep out water and trap odours
•	 Also fits 45-gallon steel drums
•	 Twist-on round 5-wheel dolly fits 20-55 US gallon containers
•	 Universal 5-wheel dolly fits any size round Brute®
container and supports up to 500 lbs.
•	 UV stabilizer added for maximum life in outdoor setting

Rubbermaid Round Brute® Tops & Dollies


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