Traffic Control Systems

The TCS 3000 Series outlines the docking area and makes backing up and spotting trailers easy. Safety is maintained through clear communication, while avoiding injury to personnel and costly damage to loading docks, equipment and buildings. The red and green LED lights are instantly understood as "Stop" and "Go", providing clear signals to dock attendants inside the building and truck drivers outside the building.

• Control entry to parking garages, loading dock areas and drive-thru or any high traffic areas • Guide trucks backing into loading docks

• Warn workers and drivers of hazardous situations.

LEDs provide up to 100 000 hours or 10 years of continuous use.

XC799 60-5411-110 Exterior 110 V/CSA

XC801 60-5414-110 Sure-Dock 110 V

Ironguard Traffic Control Systems The TCS 3000 Series

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