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Sqwincher® Liquid Concentrate Lite
• Solution formulated for diabetics or consumers
watching their daily carbohydrate intake
• Get the same benefits as regular Sqwincher® without any calories or sugar
• Yields large quantities to cover your whole crew
• Mixes instantly when water is added – no stirring required
• Screw-on cap allows you to reseal the bottle
Model Mfg. Package Package
No. No. Flavour Size oz. Yield gal.
SAN533 11050502-FP Fruit Punch 64 5
SAN534 11050504-LL Lemon-Lime 64 5
SAN535 11050505-LEM Lemonade 64 5
SAN536 11050507-OR Orange 64 5

Sqwincher® Liquid Concentrate Lite

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