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Sorbent Pillows - Oil Only, Universal, and Hazmat • The perfect sorbent solution to trap drips and leaks• Designed to recover and absorb large volumes of liquid• Pillows can slide underneath dispensing units and machinesto contain constant drips• Oil only pillows are made from 100% polypropylene, andabsorb more than 25x their weight• Universal pillows are made from a polypropylene andcellulose blend, and absorb more than 18x their weight• Polypropylene and cellulose blend absorption capacities farexceed those of 100% cellulose sorbentsDimensions       Absorbency/Pkg.      QtyL" x W"               Gallons                    /Pkg. 18 x 8                      25 (30)                1018 x 18                    40 (45)                10

Spill Control - Sorbent Pillows - 3 Styles

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