Sorbent Pillows - Oil Only, Universal, and Hazmat 
•	 The perfect sorbent solution to trap drips and leaks
•	 Designed to recover and absorb large volumes of liquid
•	 Pillows can slide underneath dispensing units and machines
to contain constant drips
•	 Oil only pillows are made from 100% polypropylene, and
absorb more than 25x their weight
•	 Universal pillows are made from a polypropylene and
cellulose blend, and absorb more than 18x their weight
•	 Polypropylene and cellulose blend absorption capacities far
exceed those of 100% cellulose sorbents
Dimensions       Absorbency/Pkg.      Qty
L" x W"               Gallons                    /Pkg. 
18 x 8                      25 (30)                10
18 x 18                    40 (45)                10

Spill Control - Sorbent Pillows - 3 Styles

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