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Safety Shovels - Emergency Blade and 2 Piece Shovels
• Non-sparking polypropylene safety shovels are versatile, lightweight and will not rust or corrode, chemical resistant
• Anti-static agent in blade on two-piece shovels 
• Two-piece construction disassembles for easy storage, easy to use locking mechanism
• Working temperature range: -22°F/-30°C to 176°F/80°C; intermittent use may increase temperature range
• Emergency blade shovels are injection molded, structural poly compact shovel which collapses for easy storage
• Variety of blade and handle configurations
• Ideal for spill kits, hazmat response and environmental clean up
Safety Shovels (Two-Piece)
Medium Blade Standard D-Grip 10.5 x 14 38.5 (L" x W" x H")
Large Blade Standard D-Grip 14 x 18 40.5
Emergency Blade Shovels
Remco No. 665198 Compact Orange/Grey T-Grip 10 x 12 24 - 36

Spill Accessories - Safety Spill Shovels - 3 Style

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