Portable Sign Stanchions

Our sign systems allow you to mark out your parking lot with No Parking, or Custom Signs.  These can be temporary or permanent - your choice. You can eliminate sign installation costs with these sign stanchions.  

Triangular Base measures 21" W x 13" H and are very stable in high winds. Can be filled with water or sand for added stabilility and weighs more than 70 lbs depending on height of Square Sign Posts.  Square steel sign posts measure 5', or 10' tall and come with pre-drilled holes for easy sign mounting.  Signs measure 12" W  x 18" H and come in Reflective Aluminum so they can be seen day or night.  Ideal for Parking Lots, Garages, Special Events, Hotels, and for many more functions.

Portable Sign Stanchions - 4 Styles

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