Oatey Great Blue Pipe Joint Compound
• All the benefits of a Teflon® based thread sealant without the mess
• Flexible blue, non-hardening, non-separating, non-toxic paste, no odour, easy clean-up  
• Withstands up to 3000 PSI on gases from -50° to 400°F and 10 000 PSI on liquids from -50° to 500°F 
• Lubricates and seals threads on water, natural gas, steam, air lines, caustics and dilute acids 
• Use on PVC CPVC, ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, iron, steel, copper or brass threads up to and including 2" • Meets CAN/UL standard S642-M87 and sold in 16 fl oz.

Oatey Great Blue Pipe Joint Compound

SKU: AB431

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