Bear-Tex Hand Pads
•	 Flexible, gentle action and resilient construction
•	 Conform to work surface and easily remove flashing or burrs without affecting dimension of work piece
•	 Non-loading, non-rusting, constant supply of new cutting edges, no workpiece contamination
No.         Colour          Description                                           Abrasive               Grit 
NZ811    White           Light-Duty Cleaning Pad                       Non-Abrasive          - 
NZ812     Grey           Clean and Finish Pad Silicon Carbide    Ultra Fine               60
NZ813     Light Green Food Pro Pad Aluminum Oxide             Very Fine               60
NZ814     Grey            Metal Blend Pad Silicon Carbide           Medium                40
NS045  Maroon General Purpose Pad Aluminum Oxide Very Fine 60
NZ815 Grey Final Shine Pad Silicon Carbide Micro Fine 60
NZ816 Maroon Long Life Pad Aluminum Oxide Very Fine 60
NZ817 Green Scouring Pad Aluminum Oxide Very Fine 60

Norton Bear-Tex Hand Pads


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