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Krylon Industrial Quick-Mark Inverted Marking Paint in Solvent Based Colours
• Offers the largest tip size for the highest delivery rate 
• Offers the most amount of solids ensuring bold, bright and visible markings in one pass
• Adheres to gravel, concrete, grass and soil even in the harshest temperatures and inclement weather conditions 
• Features advanced UV-resistant, fast drying formula that will not fade in extreme sun and will penetrate and adhere to hot, cold or wet surfaces.
• Available in both water based formulation for moderate-term markings and solvent-based formulation for long lasting applications
• VOC/MIR compliant
Comes in 20 OZ CANS in Solvent Based APWA Colours:  Red, Blue, Green, Bright Orange, High Vis. Yellow, and White

Krylon Industrial Quick-Mark Solvent Based Paint

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