Justrite® EcoPolyBlend Accumulation Centers
The only spill platforms made from recycled polyethylene! • Get reliable, high performance spill control and help reduce landfills by using recycled products • These economical, low profile secondary containment platforms are eco-friendly made of up to 100% recycled, post-industrial, durable polyethylene that might have otherwise been discarded into the waste stream • Long lasting EcoPolyBlend polyethylene is nearly impervious to chemicals, including acids and corrosives • Accumulation centres feature a seamless design to ensure any leaks or spills are captured in the sump, before they reach floor drains or create a slip hazard • Sturdy grates are nearly 2 1/2" (64 mm) thick for superior crack resistance  
• Modular centres offer the ability to create a customized system  
•  Optional companion ramp facilitates movement of heavy drums and features anti-skid ribs for maximum safety • It can be located anywhere on any 2-drum or larger centre

Justrite® EcoPolyBlend Accumulation Centers

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