Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Stations and Station and Solution Combo
•	 Sure-grip handle provides instant, simple activation
•	 Activation straps display expiration date
•	 Integral drain valve allows easy draining of reservoir after use
•	 Integral fluid reservoir captures waste fluid, eliminating
potential safety hazards and simplifying fluid disposal
•	 Once activated, this device automatically displays a
prominent, Warning Service Immediately, notice on the
front of the unit; new fluid cartridges must be installed
•	 Requires two 3.8-gal. Eyesaline® fluid cartridges (sold separately)
•	 Device must be mounted on a wall or other suitable vertical surface
•	 Comes complete with product registration card, operating manual,
metal hanging bracket for installation and an emergency eye wash sign

Eyewash - Pure Flow 1000 Station - 2 Styles

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