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• Engineered to clean and lubricate wire, improve feedability, reduce spatter and increase tip and liner life
• Lube-Matic® pads and liquid help keep liners free of unwanted build-up
and deposits inside the liner that cause wire drag
• Reduces wire drag by 60% and feeds wire more smoothly with poor cast, helix and rust
• Best when used together, as a system to clean and feed wire
Lube-Matic® Liquid
• Helps feed all mild steel, fabricated, and core wires
• Cuts rust and reduces wire drag 60%
• Great for longer distance feed (over 10')
Lube-Matic® Lube Pads
• Black lube pads are pre-treated with Lube Matic® liquid
• Lubrication allows smooth feeding of wires with poor cast, helix, rust and long feed liners
Lube-Matic® Wire Kleener® Pads
• Red Kleener® pads are for all wires all the time
• Last chance to clean wire and reduce burn back 50%

Weld-Aid Lube-Matic®

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