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Sqwincher® Qwik Stik Lite
• Calorie and sugar free single-serve pouches
• Simply tear open the pouch, pour the powder into a 20-oz. bottle of water, and shake
Model     Mfg.                                     Pouch    Pouch     Qty 
No.         No.                   Flavour        Size oz.  Yield oz.  /Box 
SAN505 11060100-OR   Orange        0.11       20           50
SAN506 11060102-FP    Fruit Punch  0.11       20           50
SAP496 11060101-MB   Mixed Berry 0.11       20           50
SEI282 11060453-SL Strawberry Lemonade 0.11 20      50

Sqwincher® Qwik Stik Lite

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