Bradley Angle Frame Mirrors
• Frame of heavy-duty gauge, one-piece roll-formed stainless steel
• 3/4" x 3/4" angle with corners heliarc welded, ground and polished smooth to a satin finish 
• Double-strength continuous integral stiffener on all sides for added strength 
• Bevel on front of angle secures frame flush against mirror 
• Meets federal specification DD-M-00411b against silver spoilage and guaranteed for 15 years
Model    Mfg.                 Dimensions     Wt. 
No.        No.                  W" x H"            lbs. 
JC270   780-018300    18 x 30            20.42
JC271   780-018360    18 x 36            24.56
JC272   780-024360    24 x 36            31.66

Bradley Angle Frame Mirrors

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