Wholesale Safety Labels (WSL)

WSL Manufactures Safety Labels, Decals, Asset Tags, Safety Signs, Short Run Labels, and is a Wholesaler of First Aid, Traffic, PPE, Safety, Janitorial, Business to Business Services, and Industrial Products. We specialize in customization of most products so that you can get exactly what you want.  We also sell more than 250,000 Safety and Industrial products.  If you don't see the category that you need, call or email us for a free quote and we will provide you with a complete solution for all of your Industrial Safety requirements.    Note:  We now have Financing Solutions for all of your large projects and tenders.  Click PDF for details.


Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic being felt worldwide, our inventory levels are being pressured on the items you are looking to purchase. We will be reviewing and shipping inventory in order to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability based on historical purchases and current stock levels.
Lead time displayed for items will sometimes be longer than predicted.

We thank you for your understanding.

            We have products and services for all industries