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Zoll Fully Automatic AED Plus® Defibrillator

  • Improved Real CPR Help® with colour-coded real-time bar gauge and CPR cycle time countdown ensures rescuers are performing compressions at the correct rate and depth
  • 8 seconds from CPR to shock
  • Universal CPR Uni-Padz™ for both adult and pediatric rescues; seamlessly switch from an adult to a pediatric rescue by pushing the child button on the front of the AED - no pads need to be changed
  • Dual orientation - stand it up or lay it flat
  • On-screen display of elapsed time and number of shocks delivered for critical information that EMS will need to know upon arrival

Easy to Own

  • Low cost of ownership
  • CPR Uni-Padz™ have a shelf life of five years - the first and only
  • Battery pack comes with a 5-year shelf life

Zoll Fully Automatic AED Plus® Defibrillator

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