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Wrap Around Pipe Markers
It's a 'SNAP' to wrap around and identify contents in pipes with the flow
direction. Pipe Markers are pre-coiled to install quickly and easily - simply uncurl
over the pipe, release it, and it 'SNAPs' into place.
• 360° coverage encircles the pipe for
marker to be seen from virtually any angle
• Bold legend and directional flow arrow on contrasting colour is repeated
upright and upside-down, for universal direction fit and visibility
• Heavy gauge 20-mil rigid vinyl plastic is lightweight,
yet durable to withstand tough industrial environments
• Fits over pipes with dirty, greasy, or rough surfaces – even over insulation
or other less than perfect surfaces, and easy to remove and reapply
• Service temperature range is -4° to 158°F  
Sold  per Marker.

Wrap Around Pipe Markers - 7 Styles

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