Wiping Rags 25 lbs Colour or White T-Shirt
• Disposable cloth wiping rags cannot be beat for their absorbency, durability, versatility and low price
• Made from 100% recycled materials • Choose new or recycled rags
• Packaged in compressed poly bags: - Compact – 50% reduction -
Save money on transport and storage - Waterproof - Stackable and easy to handle.  
Recycled White or Coloured T-Shirt Rags
• White or light and assorted colours, low lint
• Used in light to medium industry such as, precision engineering, printing facilities,
woodworking shops, fine metal work, utility companies, etc.

Recycled Coloured Fleece Rags • Soft, cotton, poly blends, light to medium weight ideal for absorption of inks, light oil, water, etc.

• Ideal for medium industrial and manufacturing plants

Wiping Rags 25 lbs Colour or White T-Shirt

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Style of Cotton
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