TrafFix Water-Wall™ Fence

The Water-Wall Fence easily retrofits to the TrafFix Water-Wall to create an imposing and secure barrier for unwanted entries. The Water Wall Fence is made from 11 gauge galvanized steel mesh providing excellent security and visibility. Fence sections interlink with TrafFix Water-Wall to provide better overall stability and allow for easy changes in ground height. The TrafFix Water-Wall and Water-Wall Fence can rotate up to 30° for easy layout and encircle of job sites.

The upper end of each T-Pin provides an additional hole for security bolt to secure the fence to the Water-Wall to prevent unwanted entries. There is no need to remove fence to fill TrafFix Water-Wall, fill caps are easily accessible with fence installed. 6' Single provides a secure entrance for workers and vehicles. Assembled, 6FT 1"W x 4FT 3"H  Galvanized Steel Fence Includes: 1 72" T‐Pin w/Keeper Pin (LL) 

TrafFix Water-Wall™ Fence

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