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Stock Brass Valve Tags
Our Brass Tags are Stamped and Black filled to withstand harsh environments.  Made from 19 Gauge Brass and come in 19 popular categories with large 1/2" consecutive numbering.  Tags are 1 -1/2" diameter and have 3/16" holes for beaded chain.  
Available legends include:  AIR, CHW, CHWS, CHWR, COND, CW, CWS, CWR, DCW, DHW, FP, GAS, HTG, HW, HWS, HWR, PLBG, STEM, Numbers only.  (Max 4 Characters of 1/4")
Call us or emal us for a free quote on Custom Tags.  
Prices are $65.00 for 25 Packs or $169 for 100 Pack.

Beaded Chain included with 100 packs.

Stamped Stock Brass Valve Tags

  • Specify Legend Required.   Max 4 Characters on top of tag.

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