ManHandler® Hoists/Winches
•	 Compact, durable steel construction
•	 Smooth, controlled winding action
•	 Effortless lifting and lowering with 5:1 gear ratio
•	 Anti-backlash crank handle braking
system prevents freewheeling
•	 Digital indicating system which counts drum turns
in order to determine maintenance periodicity
•	 Built-in mounting bracket
•	 3/16" galvanized steel cable
•	 350 lbs. (1.6 kN) working capacity
No.                                   Description /Each
8442-Z7/65FT                  ManHandler® Hoist w/ 65 ft. 3/16" Galvanized Steel Cable
8442-Z7/100FT                ManHandler® Hoist w/ 100 ft. 3/16" Galvanized Steel Cable

Miller® ManHandler® Hoists/Winches

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