Low Profile Spill Pallets 
Keeps factory floors spill and worry free
Easy-loading, low-profile construction allows each unit to be used alone or connected with others for complete, customized work areas.  Forkliftable
Will not rust or corrode
Removable grates for easy cleaning and sump access
Available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 drum Versions with Optional Ramp
2-Drum Pallet, Length: 53", Width: 28.5", Height: 6", Spill Capacity: 22 gal. Load Capacity: 1000 lbs.
4-Drum Pallet, Length: 53", Width: 53", Height: 6", Spill Capacity: 40 gal. Load Capacity: 2000 lbs.
6-Drum Pallet, Length: 53", Width: 77", Height: 6", Spill Capacity: 61 gal. Load Capacity: 3000 lbs.
8-Drum Pallet, Length: 100", Width: 53.25", Height: 6", Spill Capacity: 77 gal. Load Capacity: 4000 lbs.
Ramp: Length: 25.5", Width: 46", Height: 6"

Black Dimond Low Profile Spill Pallets

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