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Eagle Talon™ Spill Berm
The Eagle Talon™ Spill Berm is a lightweight, portable berm constructed of yellow vinyl-coated polyester. 
Available in seven sizes.
Snap-up supports
Folds for compact storage and transport
Unique and sturdy supports
Excellent for decontamination applications
Great addition to a Spill Kit
Chemical resistant
T8401TALON™ SPILL BERM   4' X 4' X 8'        YELLOW80 GAL
T8402TALON™ SPILL BERM   6' X 6' X 8'        YELLOW180 GAL
T8403TALON™ SPILL BERM  10' X 10' X 8'        YELLOW501 GAL
T8404TALON™ SPILL BERM   6' X 4' X 8'        YELLOW120 GAL
T8405TALON™ SPILL BERM   4' X 8' X 8'        YELLOW180 GAL
T8406TALON™ SPILL BERM   8' X 8' X 8'        YELLOW320 GAL
T8407TALON™ SPILL BERM   8' X 10' X 8'        YELLOW400 GAL

Eagle Talon™ Spill Berm

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