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11-Pc. Tool Kits
Non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant tool kit.
Mfg. No.        Description
P-31 8"           Combination Slip-Joint Pliers
B-399             Shoe-Handle Scratch Brush
K-21               Putty Knife – Stiff Blade
K-1                 Knife with Straight Blade
P-39               Tongue and Groove Pliers, 6 Positions
S-1099            Phillips Screwdriver No. 2
H-20FG           Curved-Claw Nail Hammer, Smooth Striking Face
W-70 6"           Adjustable Wrench
W-72 10"          Adjustable Wrench
W-211 10"         Adjustable Pipe Wrench
S-49                Standard Screwdriver 5/16" Tip, 6" Blade

Non Sparking Tools - 11 Piece Kit - AMPCO M-48

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