Miller® Scorpion Personal Fall Limiters
•	 Greater versatility through dual operation:
- For use as a personal fall limiter or as a traditional retractable lifeline  (utilizing a variety of anchorage connectors)
•	 Small, lightweight design: 2.9 lbs. (1.3 kg)
•	 Quick-activating, high-strength stainless steel braking system - arrests free falls within inches
•	 No annual factory recertification required
•	 Visual load indicator - indicates when the unit must be removed from service
•	 Variety of integral anchorage connectors available
•	 400-lb. (181.4 kg) capacity models available upon request
•	 Locking snap hook harness collection
•	 Length: 9'
•	 Certified to CSA standard Z259.2.2-98, Type 1 SRL

Miller® Scorpion Personal Fall Limiters

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