Trident® Headlamps
•	 3-way headlamp with rubber and elastic straps
•	 Features 1 high powered LED and 3 ultra bright
white LEDs within the same reflector -
all with 100 000 hour lifetimes
•	 3 brightness levels - (1) high powered LED,
(1) LED, (3) LEDs
•	 90° tilting head
•	 Low Battery Indicator – Red LED flashes
when battery voltage is low
•	 Water resistant, lightweight thermoplastic
construction with push-button switch
•	 Includes: 3 AAA alkaline batteries and
both elastic and rubber hard hat straps
Mfg. No. 61050

Streamlight® Lamps - Trident LED - Mfg. No. 61050

SKU: XC388
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