The XLERATOR Hand Dryers
XLERATOR is the number-one hand dryer in the world and the new industry standard for restroom efficiency and sustainability.  
10 second Dry Time*
80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers
95% Cost Savings Vs. Paper Towels
Made In USA Certified®
5-Year Limited Warranty
GREENSPEC® Listed and Helps Qualify for several LEED® credits
A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution
Over a Decade of Proven Performance
Virtually Maintenance Free
Available in 3 Styles or ask about our Custom Graphics option for 20 plus units
Automatic, surface-mounted, cast cover, white epoxy 110V, 208V, 220V
Weight: 17lbs
utomatic, surface-mounted, cast cover, textured graphite epoxy 100V, 208V, 220V
Weight: 17lbs
	Automatic, surface-mounted, brushed stainless steel cover 110V, 208V, 220V
Weight: 17lbs

The XLERATOR Hand Dryers

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