FG 300 Surface Mount Channelizer Posts
Channelizer posts save lives by directing traffic and reducing the chance of accidents. Our highly visible posts clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting. The clover-leaf design of the FG 300 tubular marker provides far better rebound than simple round tubes. The curving of the sides of the FG 300 tube changes the moment of inertia and builds up tremendous potential energy, resulting in a quick and sharp rebound after impact.  Flexible Guide Posts have been tested to sustain 50 impacts at 60 MPH or 96 kmh with little damage to the unit and to the impacting vehicle. Available Hi Visibility Strips (4" x 12") and Black Base for Mounting Posts onto road surfaces.  All Posts meet or exceed MTO Standards
Kit Includes: Post, Reflective Stripe, Base and Bolt Kit for Mounting onto Road Surfaces.
Available in 40" or 48" High Posts and come in Orange, White, or Yellow Post Colours

FG 300 Surface Mount Channelizer Posts

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